The Legend of the Feathered Robe (Hagoromo) 羽衣伝説

2014.03.17 (Mon)

While the Hagoromo legend can be found in most regions of Japan, this legend has its origins in the Ueshi area of Yurihama. On the top of Hagoromo mountain, a heavenly maiden was bathing when a villager from the base of the mountain saw her and stole the feathered robe she left laying on a rock. Without the robe, the maiden could not return to heaven. She became the wife of the man who stole the cloak and bore him two children. One day, she found out from the children where the robe had been hidden. She put the robe on and immediately ascended to heaven.

This legend is part of the inspiration for Yurihama’s town character, Yuririn, a heavenly maiden.



One comment

  1. Do we know what happened to the husband or the children?

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