Yurihama town tree: the Nashi Tree 梨の木(町の木)

2013.11.05 (Tue)

nashi tree

The century-old nashi tree at Hisami, Yurihama


The nashi, or Japanese pear (Pyrus pyrifolia) is a plant belonging to the Pear genus in the Rose family. In spring, the nashi tree is filled with beautiful white flowers, and in autumn with large ripe fruit. The flourishing production of the 20th century nashi (link) in the Togo area of Yurihama since the end of the 1890s has led to the Togo nashi becoming a well-known brand. The town’s pioneers worked hard to overcome many hurdles, such as black spot disease, and build this fruit current reputation. Near Togo Junior High School there still stands a nashi tree that is over a century old. With a trunk diameter measuring 1.98m and branches spreading 14m from east to west and 18m north to south, it is protected as an important symbol of the town’s nashi production.



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