Japan’s bicycle registration system 自転車防犯登録

2013.10.31 (Thu)

mamachariPhoto from busy-pochi

Yurihama is a pretty good place to ride a bicycle – nice and flat and not too big. Apart from that whole freezing cold winter business and that rainy season thing, you could get around easily by bike for most of the year.

One thing that people might not realise when they come to Japan is that if you buy a bike, you need to register it. This is a simple process, and can be carried out either at the place where you buy the bike, or at a police station or police box. It’s as easy as filling out a form with your details and information about the bike, paying a nominal fee (usually around 500 yen), and getting a registration sticker for your bike.

If you buy and ship in a bike from overseas, you still need to register it. Just bring the receipt for purchase and shipping, along with the bike, to your nearest police box.

The benefits of registration are that if your bicycle gets stolen, or confiscated because you parked it illegally, you have a much better chance that it will be returned to you.


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  1. 移転時に手続はひつようありませんが、妊婦の検診を、する時の補助券などは各自治体によって違うので、引っ越し先の役所で確認をしましょう。



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