水と緑のオアシスとっとり2013 Oasis in Tottori 2013

2013.10.22 (Tue)

Oasis fair 1

湯梨浜町の花、「トウテイラン」もありました・In front of the Yurihama town flower, the Touteiran (Speedwell)

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the 2013 National Greening Fair, which this year is in Tottori. The Fair is an annual event, promoted by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism, and this year is the 30th time it has been run. Its aim is to showcase greening events and develop cities rich in green spaces and greenery. There are events happening all over Tottori, with the main site in Koyamaike Park near Tottori city.

We had my sister-in-law,  who also happens to be the head of Brisbane City Council’s neighbourhood renewal area, visiting us as part of a Japan holiday, so a visit to a city greening fair seemed perfect. Despite a bit of rainy weather, we had a great day admiring all the different styles of gardens, as well as eating takoyaki and chatting to the very welcoming event staff.

Yurihama is a satellite event site for the fair, so an a episode of the NHK gardening show “Shumi ni Engei” was filmed at our very own Enchoen Chinese Garden, and there are greenery activities happening around the town.

The Greening Fair runs until Sunday 10 November. There’s a free shuttle bus to the event from Tottori Station, so it’s easy to get to – check it out!

先々週 「水と緑のオアシスとっとり2013」 の鳥取市湖山池公園のメイン会場を見に行ってきました。これは、全国都市緑化フェアという、緑のたくさんある都市づくりのために国土交通省が補助する花と緑の博覧会であり、今年は第30回目で鳥取県 開催しています。メイン会場以外でも鳥取県のあちらこちらでも色々なイベント行われています。





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