Kawamura’s Map of Feudal Togo

2013.09.30 (Mon)

Feudal map伯耆国河村郡東郷荘下地中分絵図

This map was made in the year 1258 and shows proof of how the feudal lord of Kyoto, Matsuo Shrine, and local lords who ruled and controlled Togo manor, divided the land. It is a valuable archive which shows the early rise and fall of feudal Togo manor, which is referred to frequently in Japanese history textbooks. This map shows Lake Togo, the Sea of Japan, the mountain ranges and river flows, along with information about shrine pavilions, private homes, horse pastures, and fishing boats. It paints a picture of the natural environment and the daily life of residents in the mid-13th century.






  1. Interesting. Where is the map held?

    • Why thank you for your question. The map is held in the Tokyo University archives.

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