Aloha Mates Presentation アロハメイツの報告会

2013.09.26 (Thu)

On 13 September, the Aloha Mates held a presentation night, reporting on their one-week trip to Hawaii in August. Aloha Mates is one part of the Aloha Friendship program (the sister city relationship between Yurihama and Hilo), and it’s what we call the group of 14 Yurihama town junior high school students who went to Hawaii.

For the presentation night, each student did a short speech about what they learned on the visit to Hawaii. The students spoke about their experiences trying to communicate in English, the kindness of their host families and people in Hawaii, and the differences they noticed between Japan and Hawaii. Many students spoke about enjoying the Bon Dance, how beautiful the ocean was, and the size of food portions.

For me, the best thing was that even though many students were nervous about speaking English, over their stay in Hawaii they learned that communication about more than just words, and overcame the language barrier and enjoy their stay with their host families.





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