2013 Yuru-kyara Grand Prix

2013.09.25 (Wed)


Yurihama’s own town character Yuririn is competing in the 2013 Yuru-kyara contest!

Yuru-kyara, or “loose characters” are mascots that have been created by local governments to promote tourism. “Yurui”, or loose, refers to the slightly daggy, homemade nature of the characters. It’s a trend that’s sweeping Japan, and a range of organisations and corporations are also getting on board. 2013 is the fourth year that the national Yuru-kyara Grand Prix will be held, a competition to decide which yuru-kyara is the cutest.

For the first time this year, Yuririn, the mischievous nymph character who represents Yurihama, is entering the Grand Prix. The competition is decided by popular vote. Voting is open until 8 November 2013, and you can vote by filling out a simple form (in Japanese) at http://www.yurugp.jp, so if you have a free minute, Vote 1 Yuririn!


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  1. Nice idea.

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