A new CIR・新国際交流員

2013.09.13 (Fri)

Hello! I’m the new Coordinator of International Relations at Yurihama Town. My name is Sarah. I came to Yurihama from Brisbane, Queensland, a city in Australia’s northeast. Before I came to Japan, I worked as a federal and state public servant for eight years, and then for two years in a non-profit organisation.

I like cooking and reading. I also love Japanese food, and I want to try Tottori prefecture’s, and especially Yurihama Town’s, specialty foods.

This is my third time living in Japan. In the past, I had the opportunity to do a year of high school exchange and a year of university exchange. That was such a long time ago that I’m a bit worried whether I’ll be able to speak Japanese properly. I was pretty terrified on the way to Yurihama, but I had such a warm welcome, and the people I work with are being so kind and understanding my strange Japanese, that I’m feeling a bit more relaxed now.

I’m really excited about the opportunity to work as Yurihama’s CIR, and I’m looking forward to having many chances for cultural exchange with everyone in town. I also want to continue all the work Matthew, the previous CIR, did to support the sister-city relationship with Hilo in Hawaii County.





This post is adapted from an article from the August 2013 edition of the Yurihama magazine.


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  1. We look forward to many more posts about your time in this town.

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