Korea Day ・ 韓国デー

2010.03.23 (Tue)

On Sunday, March 7, I participated in “Korea Day,” which was sponsored by the Yurihama International Friendship Association. We spent the first half of the day making kimbap (Korean roll sushi) and other Korean foods. The process seemed long and involved for someone like me who doesn’t cook much, but being able to eat the food in the end made it worth it.

The second half of the day began with a demonstration of samul nori, which is a form of traditional percussion music found in Korea. Following the performance was a presentation by YIFA members about their recent trip to Korea, where they participated in a home stay. They day ended with a quiz about Korea and some tasty Korean desserts.




One comment

  1. Wow, that food looks yummy, but it looks like the vegetables may have been chopped by an amateur as they look a little jiggy jaggy.

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