Salmon Release ・ サケ放流

2010.03.19 (Fri)

March 16 was the official release date of the salmon we have been raising at the Yurihama town office. In just three months, the salmon hatched from their eggs and grew to be over 5 cm long. With the help of the students from Hawai Elementary School, and despite some interference by nearby swans, we successfully released over 200 salmon into Lake Togo. The salmon will now make their way out to sea and begin their life in the wild. Good luck!




  1. How many salmon did the swans eat. They must have had a heydey, swimming around so happily, eating and eating.

    • I think they only ate about two. The salmon swam away pretty quickly.

  2. is this the salmon blog? I am wondering about when the baby salmon come back to spawn, are you guys going to come in to work one morning and all the salmon are going to be on the floor fighting to get back into that little fish tank?

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