Farmers’ Market ・ 農産物直売所

2010.02.02 (Tue)

Hawaii Farmers' Market ・ ハワイのファーマーズマーケット

The following is an adaptation of an article that appeared in the February 2010 edition of the Yurihama town newsletter.

In Japan, one often hears the phrase “local production, local consumption.”

The “Buy Local” movement in America is something similar, and has recently gained some traction. It’s said that buying local products is safer, and is also better for the environment. Lately I’ve been buying local as well, by shopping at a local farmers’ market in Yurihama.

We have farmers’ markets in Hawaii as well, but things are a little different than they are in Japan. In Hawaii, farmers’ markets don’t generally have permanent structures. I visited a market that was held every Saturday in the parking lot of a community college in Honolulu. With all the tents lined up in the parking lot it felt more like a bazaar, especially compared to cement buildings I’ve seen in Japan. However, I’ve heard that Yurihama also has a similar fair-like event from time to time.

In addition to the usual vegetables, flowers, and fruits, the farmers’ market in Hawaii also has sale things like Kona coffee, Kahuku corn (famous in Hawaii for its sweetness), sausages, and tropical fruits. There are also people cooking food at market. Of course there is American food (steaks!) and Hawaiian food, but there are people who make Indian, and even Japanese food as well. The fried green tomato stand seems especially popular and always has a line.

It’s not just local people who come to the farmers’ market, however. There are actually also a large number of tourists who visit as well. Travel companies have set up tours that go to the market, so it’s not unusual to see Japanese tourists arrive by the busload.

If you have the chance, I wholeheartedly recommend dropping by sometime.

Hawaii Farmers' Market ・ ハワイのファーマーズマーケット


日本では「地産地消」という言葉をよく聞きますが、最近アメリカでも「Buy Local」(バイ・ローカル=地元の商品を買う)の運動が流行っています。地元で作られたものは安全で、環境にやさしいと言われています。バイ・ローカルをするため、わたしも最近、町内の農産物直売所で買い物をしています。

ハワイにも「Farmers Market」(ファーマーズ・マーケット)という農産物直売所があります。日本と違うのは、移動式で一定の場所に店を構えないという点です。わたしは、ホノルルにある短大の駐車場で毎週土曜日に開かれるファーマーズ・マーケットによく通いました。駐車場にはテントが立ち並び、「直売所」というよりちょっとしたバザーとか、湯梨浜でいうと「地産地消フェアゆりはま市」のようなものですね。




Hawaii Farmers' Market ・ ハワイのファーマーズマーケット


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