Salmon Hatchery Project ・ サケの飼育放流プロジェクト

2010.01.28 (Thu)

Since early December, we have been raising salmon in a tank in the entryway to the town office. The eggs hatched near the end of December, and the salmon have been growing rapidly ever since. They are currently about 2-3cm long, and are able to swim and eat on their own.

This project is part of a larger environmental conservation effort to breed and release salmon in Lake Togo and the Tenjin river. We plan to release the salmon in March.


このプロジェクトは環境保全住民活動「東郷湖・天神川のサケ飼育放流プロジェクト」に参加しているものです。 放流は3月を予定しています。


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